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From Chappelle's Show. Of or relating to actions of African Americans. Definitely not practiced by Clayton Bigsby.
Sir! I assure you I am not involved in any niggerdom!
by inane February 28, 2005
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Any doing that is sterotypically done by black/african amercian culture. Referring to something as being "black" style.
I am sick of all this niggerdom.
Thats too much niggerdom for me.
by Kirk S. March 28, 2005
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Niggerdom- "To be in any way, shape, or form" be like a black man. As seen in Clayton Bigsby by Dave Chapel
"Sir! I am in no way, shape, or form involved in any niggerdom!"
by AKA thunder June 21, 2009
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niggΒ·erΒ·dom - noun - 1) the condition, niggerness, or state of being of a nigger 2) extreme niggerness; niggerossity
He has dedicated his life to the seeking of niggerdom, niggleation and to the understanding of the great nigger in the sky.
by bigbobmegadeth May 31, 2008
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Like the word "Kingdom" stands for a domain ruled by a king,
Niggerdom would be a domain ruled by niggers, like eg: Siera Leone, Somalia, and other poverty stricken areas; known because the nigger does nothing else but rape, destroy and murder.
On the planet of Nigronia, lies a Niggerdom land, full of Niggerhoods.

It's so dark in there, you can't even see your own arsehole, and everything is colored brown and black, like Allah's Kakabar; the bar where Allah regularly takes a dump!
by Fukaface! April 13, 2016
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The nigger nirvana that every blacky hopes to experience upon death following a life of niggering, pimping, and shine. Niggerdom is filled with disease-free white women, watermelons, and cars that a nigger could never acquire legally.
"Only once I have stolen ferarris, raped the purest white women, and pimped out every ho in this city, can I hope to experience true niggerdom."

"Niggerdom awaits the real street nigger with the S on his chest"
by Rossy Da Bossy June 14, 2008
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