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(Scotch sack), the act of rubbing your nuts to the point where your balls feel like you have put scotch tape on them and ripped it off.
“Man last night I rubbed my balls to the point where I had (scotch sack)”
by Nickjh321 January 09, 2018

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A “ben moultrup” is what you would call someone who is the lowest form of life OR someone who you would call a bandwagon on everything you do OR someone who switches there opinions just to match yours to be cool
“Man dude you’re being a real ben moultrup right now”
by Nickjh321 September 29, 2018

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The (scoop da doopy) is a special type of “blowjob” where the female scoops a mans balls with her mouth and Purposely try’s to swallow them squzzing the mans balls in her throat giving the man a unknown sensation.
“Man last night your mom gave me a real (scoop da doopy) and it felt great”.
by Nickjh321 January 09, 2018

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