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The best tv series with one of the absolute worst fanbases there is.

When you become part of the fan base, you will most likely start shipping the characters, squeal whenever someone mentions it, become a peridot addict, a Garnet addict and lots of other fatal stuff.

The fan base has to be up there with undertale, five nights at freddy's, overwatch and lots of other things with shit fanbases that I somehow managed to drag myself into.

Sene help. Please.
Don't go into the steven universe fanbase because you will NEVER be able to get back out.
by NibbaHotCheetos February 17, 2020
A very irritating weeaboo who won't leave you alone until they have killed you.
Genji wouldn't leave me alone although I hadn't done anything to him.
by NibbaHotCheetos February 17, 2020
A day that seems to have only been made to make single people feel worst about single and for gamers tomake memes about the fact that they are dating their ps4.
Larry: I'm so sad that I have no one for Valentine's day.

XxNoobMastser435xX: I'm with my ps4.

Larry: *plays notFunny ft. Didn'tLaugh
by NibbaHotCheetos February 17, 2020
Those wierdos at the school that dip one piece of shit into another piece of shit, making other people watching want to kill themselves.
She dipped her melon slice into the cheese dip. She is a phsycopath.
by NibbaHotCheetos February 17, 2020
An American singer who strongly relates to hopelessly romantics, people who 'hate themselves' and struggling teenagers.
Person one: I like this girl but don't know how to tell her.

Person two: send her and atlas song or something idk
by NibbaHotCheetos February 17, 2020
What people for some reason think is the shield against the virus when, in fact, it isn't.
Sharon: Hey caroline I stocked up on tissue roll because of the virus

Caroline: what?
by NibbaHotCheetos March 21, 2020