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One of the current three guitarists in British Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden.
High up in the Iron Maiden hirearchy, he's second only Steve Harris himself, due to the fact that he's stuck with Maiden more or less all the way (1976 - Present), with the exception of a short period they were left without him thanks to a rift between himself and former vocalist Dennis Wilcock. During the time he spent away, he joined up with Adrian Smith (now also one of the Maiden guitarists) and his band Urchin.
He's the one who looks a bit like Cupid, and could melt the ears of even the hardest of Metal fans with one of his solos.
Dave Murray? 'e's the blonde one of the two geezers who never left Maidens album lineups.
by NabeshinsWig January 13, 2006
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An awesome song about the Spitfire by British metal Gods, Iron Maiden.

This is the first track on their 1984 album Powerslave.
At the 3 minute, 58 second mark of Aces High, Bruce Dickinson sounds af if someone just dropped an anvil on his bollocks.
by NabeshinsWig January 20, 2006
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A British airoplane used for combat in World War II.
They were made in fashion of "make do and mend" and generally consisted of recycled aluminium - including old saucepans.
A) Is it a bird?
...Is it a plane?

B) ...Yes, it's a spitfire...

A) ...Oh...
by NabeshinsWig February 01, 2006
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A group of manga artists who, although acomplished in their own right are still incredibly over rated.
Their characters look disproportionate (even in manga terms) and their faces are usually sloppily drawn and very basic. The only reason I can see that people should rave about their artwork is that they are admittedly good at drawing clothes.
If you want reference to good manga artists, go look at Koushun Takami or Akimine Kamijo.
Fans of CLAMP can be bloody annoying, has anyone else noticed that?
by NabeshinsWig January 13, 2006
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