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Similar to action of popping a wheelie, in the way that wheelies rule. A wheelie is pretty cool and so if you can do one, you are in fact pretty cool. So it is like an emphatic "for realsie", meaning you have done such a cool "for realsie" you are cool. Something that is a "for realsie" with a bit extra "real".
Dude: "Dude! My ex just tried to weasel back into my life!"

Dudette: "You need to pop-a-realsie and tell her you got a sex change or something! It's a trap"
by MurderSuicidePactByPinkySwear December 08, 2009
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Awes-fril-la: This portmanteau comes from the combining of "awesome," shortened to "awes," and "frilla," which is short for "for rilla," which is slang for "for real."
Buddy's chatting online....

Friend 1:
dude, this chick in montreal who i've never met wants to have sexual relations with me hahaha
she facebooked me all "i just want to get laid. call me when you're in town. no big deal."

Friend 2:
no way!
that's so totally awesfrilla!
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When you need to need to use the washroom and fear that the necessary buffer-zone may not be sufficient for the damage you are about to inflict on the toilet, requiring you turn on the sink full blast in order to dampen the sound.
Employee 1: "Dude, just rocked a monstrous sinker!"

Employee 2: "Oh snap, that poor lady with the weird eye and her office right next to the toilet! At least you have to courtesy to sinker it..."
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