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Ezra Miller is a demonic creature with a tremendously convincing human disguise who also happens to be an actor. Miller goes by they/them pronouns and “rarely identifies as human”. Miller is best known for starring in movies like Afterschool (2008), We need to talk about Kevin (2010), and Perks of being a wallflower (2012). Miller has an extravagant criminal record that overpowers their acting career. Miller is mostly known for being that half-insane sociopathic queer actor who gets into trouble with the law regularly.

Multiple people are confused about Miller’s ethnicity, most people think that Miller is Asian or W-Asian (Half white, half Asian) but in reality, Miller is Jewish of dutch, german descent from Wyckoff, New Jersey.

If you come across Ezra Miller, I advise you to be careful because the creature is not afraid of preying upon a person with no intention of fighting Ezra. Just be polite and stand within 10 feet away from Miller - if you are a resident of Hawaii then don’t listen to this advice and just run away.
You: Did you hear about Ezra Miller on the news?
Your Friend: Whos Ezra? Is that a girl?
You: No, Erza Miller is an Actor.
by MsJacques October 16, 2022
Richard Ramirez is a Mexican-American man from El Paso, Texas who was a serial killer, rapist, intruder, and robber. He was also known as the “Night Stalker” who committed horrible crimes around the 1980s, in which multiple families and American residents had to suffer his attacks in Los Angles, California. He was also a self-proclaimed satanist. Imagine a reptile-looking deranged man with yellow crooked teeth, a sharp jawline, and dark eyes which if you stare at it too long you might get nightmares. Apperately, he is the most over-sexualized serial killer out there because mentally ill, delusional females would express their love for him regardless of him being - um really fucking dead, and a seriously horrible person - I mean, come on, his first victim was 9 years old! Are you kidding me? Don’t read the other definitions.
Richard Ramirez is a killer.
by MsJacques October 16, 2022
Popee the Performer or simply known as “Popee” is a 17-year-old high school dropout who happens to be a circus performer. Popee wears a red and white striped cat costume with bright pink bunny ears. He looks like a typical white-American teenager (blue eyes, blonde hair, pale skin) but happens to be ethnically Japanese. Popee performs for a non-existent audience and practices new circus tricks with his charming assistant, Kedamono, who is a purple wolf-like creature who wears nothing but bright orange shorts. Popee is a violent, aggressive narcissist with jealousy issues. He likes torturing his assistant and creating disasters to his own delight. At one point he tried to trick god into thinking he was a good boy but miserably failed since God could literally see past his bullshit. Popee has no friends. Popee has a father named Papi who is also a circus performer. Papi strives to have a healthy father-and-son relationship with Popee, but Popee neglects his father and treats him pretty badly. Popee has a mother but doesn’t know who or where she is. Popee has 1 sister named Marifa. Popee is an anime, cartoon character from the Japanese kid show, Popee the Performer.
You: Have you ever watched Popee the Performer?
Your friend: No.
You: Good.
by MsJacques October 16, 2022