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When a man fucks a pumpkin through a cut hole, and the inside of the pumpkin is still warm from the candle inside. Many times when a girl goes down on an individual who has done this, their dick tastes like pumpkin pie.
Zac hooked up with this girl the other night after using the ultimate fleshlight, and she really liked the pumpkin pie taste.
by Ms.Fun October 31, 2010
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When you have sex with a girl, proceed to pull out and cum on her belly button. Then you yell out, "Hee Hee Heee!"
Dude, I gave this girl the Ultimate Pillsbury Doughboy last night, and she liked it!
by Ms.Fun October 27, 2010
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One who sucks at gargoyling, likes fucking pumpkins, loves the ultimate pillsbury doughboy, is always DTF and is a great time.
Person 1: Did you hear that that kid fucked a pumpkin last night?

Person 2: Ya dude, he also tried to gargoyle on top of the keg, and epically failed.

Person 1: True, but we all had a great time. He's got to be a Bobby.
by Ms.Fun October 31, 2010
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One who loves drinking at any time of the day, pee's in corners of rooms, loves butt holes, cuming in girl's bellybuttons and has a huge dick. They also tend to use the phrase "Piss off!" entirely too much even though they do not live in England.
Person 1: Dude, what are doing peeing in my room!?
Zac: Piss off!
Person 2: Shut up gramps! Stop being such a Zac!
by Ms.Fun October 31, 2010
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One who loves being cumed on her face. She loves to scream obscenities infront of strangers, calls the police after friends go missing for more than 2 hours and wearing clothing with dicks drawn all over them.
That girl had dicks all over her shirt and jizz on her face, she mush be a Shelby.
by Ms.Fun October 31, 2010
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