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The act of filling in your Outlook with many important people's names just to look busy. Pretending you are busy by adding a lot of meetings to your calendar so that people know you are the smartest, coolest, and most productive man on the team.
Are you really busy or is that just Window Dressing?

Dude, the last two days I've been JDTBM but look at my Outlook man...serious Window Dressing.
by Ms.Bg July 10, 2008

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Bulgarian Style.
The style by which Bulgarians live their care free life. Strong Coffee, Eating lots of cheese (Bulgarian, not Greek Feta-that stuff sucks), Dancing to any music, including Chalga, Driving diesel cars, Parking on sidewalks, Making your own Rakia even if you live in the suburbs. Keep chickens roaming in your yard even if you live in suburbia (this means your crazy Dedo (Grandfather) is living in your house and telling perverted stories about everyone he knows who is female.
Having fun loving drunks around all the time.
Having "uncles" and "cousins" around all the time and not knowing how they are your family but it really doesn't matter because they are.
Drinking a lot. Eating even more. Crying a lot. Laughing even more.
Black leather jackets and track pants.
Short skirts, real boobs, long nails, lots of perfume and smoking.
A lot of smoking.
Smoking in retail stores while techno is booming. Drinking anywhere.
Duck taped anything and everything.
Toothpick is your best after dinner mint.
Walking in a mountain in the winter and approaching a bar that's open even though no one is there.
Cured meat. Rakia. Salad. Sweaty Cheese. More rakia. More meat. Family. Friends. Smokes. A couple more beers.
"Dude, that car is parked on the sidewalk. That's BG Style".
"Yo, Dad and I got so drunk last night. BG Style."
"Can I borrow some BG Style slippers?"
"Dude, my brother still lives at home with my parents. They party together all the time...BG Style".
"Radio Vitosha is non stop music. Techno non stop non stop...BG Style"
by Ms.BG July 10, 2008

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Unprotected Butt Sex

"I broke up with him last night. I can't believe what a perv he is. We were all, like, making out and everything was great and all of a sudden I was like "ouch" what the hell are you doing? Yeah, can you believe he wanted to have UPBS!"
by Ms.Bg June 27, 2008

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Just Doing The Bare Minimum
Usually referred to in Corporate America. The reason why our economy is so weak and people are uninspired.
This is verb.
"Hey Man, How's it going?"
"Oh you know, JDTBM."

"So, I'm so mad, my boss didn't give me a raise this year and doesn't value anything I have to offer so from now on I'm JDTBM"
by Ms.BG July 10, 2008

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Middle Office Manager who is a Yes Man or Woman. Someone who wasted years of learning to surrender to upper management because they have no courage or spine.
My boss is a bobble head.

by Ms.Bg July 10, 2008

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