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ˈtʌmˌbləɹ.aɪt noun. A person (potentially a user of tumblr) who cannot take a joke, takes everything literally and way too seriously, gets easily offended by anything and everything, and insists that everything must be completely politically correct and non-offensive to everyone.
Tim just got offended at some stupid little joke I made, he's such a tumblrite.
by MrJoshTheEpic March 07, 2017

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"You are a bitch" in spanish
Tú eres una puta
by MrJoshTheEpic October 24, 2015

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used to describe a person who thinks they are very intelligent, but they actually aren't.
Feminists are so ingellitent.
by MrJoshTheEpic January 26, 2017

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a professional player of any pokemon game
OMG Dan just won a million dollars in a pokemon tournament, he's a pokefessional!!!
by MrJoshTheEpic August 01, 2016

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The act of proving that someone is, or making someone look like, a noob, by being such a pro
Damn, he just got noobified by that pro.

I'm gonna noobify that bitch with a 360 noscope.
by MrJoshTheEpic April 30, 2016

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the burning feeling you get in the back of your throat after doing the pacer test or running a similar distance, speed, or time.
I ran home so fast, I got pacer syndrome.
by MrJoshTheEpic March 21, 2017

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Smart + awesome
The way that Griffin Bing pulled the ultimate swindle was insanely smarsome.
by MrJoshTheEpic March 04, 2016

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