ˈtʌmˌbləɹ.aɪt noun. A person (potentially a user of tumblr) who cannot take a joke, takes everything literally and way too seriously, gets easily offended by anything and everything, and insists that everything must be completely politically correct and non-offensive to everyone.
Tim just got offended at some stupid little joke I made, he's such a tumblrite.
by MrJoshTheEpic March 7, 2017
A synonym for Tumblr Followers. Term coined originally by superash.tumblr.com but it's become a pretty popular word on the interweb.
Dude 1: Sick, I got some new Tumblrites, sick sick.
Dude 2: Tumblrites, who the fuck are you Jesus?
Dude 1: Nah man, he had disciples, these are my tumblr followers :)
by Gregory Manadem April 18, 2010
A common mineral found in the lining of veins and arteries of a sector of females.
It has a strange property that hasn't been fully understood by biologists and physicists.
It's been observed that this material acts as a gateway for chromosomes to become absorbed through the walls of the blood ways. And become one with the blood.
Thus sapping the female ecosystem slowly but surely of all of their 13th chromosome.
In the core of the blood system. The heart. There is an abundance of tumblrite
This behaves strangely. Once a months worth of chromosomes have been collected in the blood stream. The mineral forces the heart to pump this blood to the ovaries to fuel next egg with concentrated chromoexcrement.
This is then expelled from the vagina over a week in the form of a dense red paste
This changes the hormone cycle drastically and gives them the strong urge. For the rest of their life. To become a fucking moron.
Girls that contain tumblrite happen to be called tumblrites, Because once the chromosomes are gone their classification from human changes
You know jess? She's become a tumblrite. She's shaved half her head and dyed it green. She thinks she doesnt need a dick to be a boy.
by Ihatepeople January 14, 2015
One of the denizens of the social media platform known as Tumblr. They are some of the craziest people you will ever meet, and tend to be mid to far left, some going as far left as bizarro-right.
Jake: Hey, you know Big Red? I bet she's a Tumblrite.

Pete: that's almost a guaranteed.
by kyonaTheDemoness January 29, 2020

1. A person deemed "overly sensitive that supports so-called "SJW" talking points" i.e. pronouns, xenogenders, fat positivity, diversity, etc.

The term comes from the SJW culture within Tumblr, a microblogging site believed to be the origin place of many "SJW topics".

The now-pejorative term has since been associated with the site and the topics.

Joe: Is it just me or the left is baing taken over by those pesky Tumblrites?
X: No idea pal, it's been this way since 2010.


Joe: Well shit. This neoliberal tumblrite crap is annoying. Why tf are they so worried about their pronouns? What tf happened to liberating the working class?!
X: Well don't ask me. I have no clue either
Joe: Shit! Now decades of progress will be screwed over.
by Joe the Tankie Wolf July 22, 2022
A term referring to a person who has the mannerisms of, or acts like, a Tumblr character.
"Jess keeps on calling herself quirky. She's such a tumblrite."
by HypersexualSans October 4, 2021