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A Jew's tooth fillings.
While cleaning out my grandpa's attic I found a jelly jar full of Nazi gold.
by Mr. Walken September 27, 2006

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To idly possess a shared item (such as a blunt) instead of letting someone else use it. Named for Humphrey Bogart, often seen in films with a cigarette idly sitting in his lips or hand.
"Hey man, either hit that pipe or pass it on, don't bogart the damn thing."
by Mr. Walken November 10, 2008

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A horrible swear word considered by some to be up to 300 times more vile than the "f-word." Literally means, "to kill."

Forms include "driper," "driping," "dripist," and "motherdriper."
"I'm going to dripe that asshole if he ever comes in this bar again."

"I can't driping believe that that motherdriper would dripe that dripin' cat."
by Mr. Walken July 03, 2004

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A verb meaning "to rape." Taken from the name of the rapist character in "Pulp Fiction."
"That bastard tried to Zed my wife, so I had to strangle him."
by Mr. Walken July 03, 2004

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