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A Swag Library is a wardrobe of clothes in style and very appealing. A Swag Library consists of enough clothes to match up a new and different outfit for 2 weeks straight. When it comes to a swag library being rich or poor can't change the amount of time needed to create it. It takes 3 - 5 years to successfully create a swag library because it should consist of different styles of clothes for different seasons of the year and only certain items are considered swag which would have to be added piece by piece to the library. Most people start around ages 17 or 18. In recent history an average of 1 of 64 people have successfully completed a Swag Library and you know who they are.
Person 1: James has on something fresh everyday! Dude has mad swag

Person 2: Yeah! Where does he get all this stuff?

Person 3: Hes got a Swag Library.
by Mr. Rugby February 02, 2012
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