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Most of the arrogant cocksuckers on this thread, posting the same paranoia about minorities over and over again.
Read any of the shrill, hysterical racists here. Their bullshit defines the word better than I could.
by Mr. Blond July 13, 2008

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A clunky ISP whose message boards and chat rooms are infested with the most loathsome, illiterate, ignorant, brain-damaged, psychotic, neanderthalic, arrogant, petulant, knuckle-dragging, degenerate, gutter-dwelling, putrid, grotesque, macho blowhard, bible-thumping, unbelievably racist protohumanoid filth that ever crawled out of a toilet bowl in a gas station men's room somewhere. The only reason I still have AOL is to continue my sociological studies of AOL's cancerous abominations that crawl out from under their rocks to post there. It's an internet hive for the absolute scum of American society.
My current theory is that every one of the Aint-It-Cool-News inbreds are AOL members; the shitheaded mentality is identical even down to the same style of illiteracy.
by Mr. Blond April 02, 2007

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Absolute dregs of the Internet. I have been to thousands and thousands of websites and I have NEVER seen a creature more detestable than an AOL user.
AOL users should be fed to a bunch of alligators - feet first to prolong their suffering.
by Mr. Blond April 30, 2008

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Hard to decide if I liked it or not. Of course, this movie was a mess, but it was such a colorful, lively mess that it was strangely fascinating to watch in its own chaotic way. It's one of those movie you watch and think, "Which random direction is this lunacy going to go now?"
The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and The Village were better than Lady in the Water but Signs is still my least favorite; I just didn't care about the characters.
by Mr. Blond May 30, 2007

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A piece of shit that has had 6 or 7 crash-landings because of a defect in the front landing gear. And history teaches us that if you work the controls too hard, the rudder snaps off (AA #587).
The A320 is the only passenger jet I'm aware of that crashed on its test flight.
by Mr. Blond October 28, 2007

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Murdering, racist land thieves who raped and plundered the planet for centuries, making England one of the more hated countries on earth to this day.
Despite what Englishmen and their lovely egos will tell you, the British Empire is rotting in history's garbage dump where it belongs.
by Mr. Blond October 20, 2007

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