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A film written and directed by M Night Shyamalan staring Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson.

The story is about a regular man named David Dunn (Bruce) who survives a horrific train accident that kills everyone except him. A comic book collecter by the name of Elijah Price (Jackson) sees that he survies and thinks he's a superhero. Is David really a superhero? Or is he just plain old lucky to still be living?

An excellent film if you ask me. Shame what's happened to M Night now these days.
Person 1: That ending of Unbreakable caught me off guard.

Person 2: I know!
by SomebodyHere September 21, 2008
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The family who made it home alive that night was something out of a movie or a TV show, whooooaaaaaah!!!
Tell the family you swerved around at 3 in the morning they were lucky, like you, not unbreakable.
by Singleasaneel September 19, 2017
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