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The term 'xenophobia' is typically used to denote a phobic attitude towards foreigners or strangers, or even of the unknown. Racism in general is described as a form of xenophobia.
-"Why do we have to have white people at the front of the bus, and black people at the back of the bus? Why can't we all be green?"

-"Light green at the front of the bus, and dark green at the back please!"
by Mr Munchkins July 17, 2005

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A white powder, similar in appearance to cocaine, which kills by destroying the lungs of the victim when inhaled. The victim's health instantly deteriorates seconds after breathing it in.

A weapon once commonly used by arab and muslim terrorists, but now it is rare to hear of an anthrax attack.
"Hey that guy just dropped his <cough> bag, and there's white, <cough> stuff...coming <cough> out <cough> <cough> of..."
by Mr Munchkins July 17, 2005

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An edible substance which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, flavours etc. What all living organisms need to survive.
I eat therefore I am.
by Mr Munchkins July 17, 2005

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A small group of these guys could wipe out a medium-sized enemy encampment within 2 minutes and disappear into the night.

They are the best because they train to be the best. An SAS training course lasts for 6 months and has only a 1 - 3% pass rate.

Notable SAS operations include:

Operation Nimrod - terrorist siege on the Iranian embassy in London, 1980. Considered the most famous and successful hostage rescue in the world. 5 out of six gunmen were killed and 19 hostages were saved.

The Pebble Island Raid - Raid during the Falklands War in 1982 on an Argentinian air base. 11 Argentinian aircraft were destroyed.

The Loughgall Ambush - massacre of the IRA East Tyrone Brigade in 1987. The SAS attacked eight IRA members who had just bombed an RUC station. All eight bombers were killed.

Operation Barras - the rescue of eleven British soldiers held captive by Sierra Leone's notorious West Side Boys. At least 25 rebels were killed and 18 captured, including the rebel leader. Unfortunately one SAS soldier was killed in action.
The SAS - not people to mess with.
by Mr Munchkins March 04, 2008

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An eastern weapon made from joining the tops (kontoh) of two sticks together with a rope or chain (himo or kusari). Each 'stick' has three parts, the upper area (jokon-bu), the middle area (chukon-bu), and the lower area (kikon-bu). Each area has a specific purpose - the tops and bottoms of the sticks are used for jabs, the upper and lower areas are handled for swinging attacks and maintaining control of the weapon, and the rope or chain can be used for choking an opponent.
It is NOT a ninja weapon, as many people believe, as it originated outside of Feudal Japan. Also, the term 'nunchucks' was coined by the Americans after discovering the weapon, but it is an acceptable name for the weapon.
The major disadvantage of the weapon is the possibility of an opponent catching the weapon in his hand/s and pulling it out of your hands, leaving you disarmed.
The nunchaku is my favourite weapon! Lose fear of the weapon by spinning it in circles around your body, then focus on maintaining control of the weapon after striking an object with it. Takes practice, and a lot of bruises to master it, but hey-ho.
by Mr Munchkins September 08, 2005

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Not being conscious. When a person becomes or appears to be unconscious, they appear to be in a sleep-like unresponsive state, where all muscles become relaxed and 'floppy'. This creates a danger to the patient's life, as their tongue (a muscle) rolls to the back of the throat, and blocks the airway. Also, as the patient regains consciousness, their stomach wall contracts, causing the contents of their bowels to be forced up the oesophagus where it would enter the mouth to be drained, but because the tongue is blocking it's way, a sufficient amount of vomit enters the lungs, and the patient therefore drowns on their own sick.

To prevent this, simply check the patient's airway and breathing. If they are breathing, place them into the recovery position. If not, seek help immediately and make sure someome trained in first aid is present to perform CPR until paramedics arrive.
Unconsciousness - (noun) 1.The state of lacking consciousness, of being unconscious.

2.Ignorance or innocence; the state of being uninformed or unaware.
by Mr Munchkins July 14, 2005

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Stands for Urban Dictionary Sex Syndrome. When someone makes a new entry on Urban Dictionary which is totally innocent, and may or may not be an innuendo. Then some immature 13 year old or a chinless wonder adds a statement to that entry that is completely rude or sexual and has nothing to do with the initial explanation.
UD Sex Syndrome Example: Everyone knows a Slippery Nipple is an alcoholic shot of Sambuca and Baileys. But I guarentee underneath that is an alternative explanation about someone spunking on a girl's breast. Am I right?
by Mr Munchkins April 28, 2008

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