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A smile that lights up the room; it transforms an ordinary person into a stunning individual in everyone's eyes
Christine's got that golden smile; I didn't even notice she was here before!
by Moyka May 16, 2014
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A common term in finance, specifically sales and trading. Refers to situations in which the trader tells you not to hedge your risk and instead to absorb it.
"Wait, are you calling me useless? What does that mean...too afraid to ask..."
by Moyka July 16, 2017
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To not hedge your risk; a universal finance term oftenly used by traders to inform salespeople to absorb the risk and do nothing. Also a code word that signals it is time to panic.
"Wait...what is he talking about? Is he calling me useless? I'm too afraid to ask...yup I'm screwed."
by Moyka July 17, 2017
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