a number that is greater than, less than, and equal to zero.
big mean condascending math teacher: what is the square root of 144,006,984,587,846?

student: elevendy!!
by fruit juice August 26, 2008
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The elongated synonym of eleven, used by small children still in the juveniles instead of eleven due to a underdeveloped brain, or lack thereof. It may be applied with other numbers, for example, "elevendy four", to further confuse people. The actual code of "elevendy" is yet to be discovered, though scientists are working on it at this very point in time.
"I have elevendy cents"

"I paid you elevendy three cents"
by MoxiKat June 27, 2003
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From the back Angelyne looks 20 years old, but when she turns around she looks elevendy.

The Rolling Stones are still rocking away even though they're elevendy.

Anna Nicole Smith married a rich guy who's elevendy. I'm sure it was for love.
by romanr November 8, 2007
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