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A ghettofabulous way of saying :getting on my nerves.
Moshika: Ay gurlll, you know keisha...she wuz tryin to steal my--
Janequiea: Ay bitch, quit pulling my ass!!!

(then they fight)
by Movie Girl October 22, 2009
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Beautiful in appearance, pretty, good looking.
The Ellis Nathan definition character (Harry) uses pulchritudinous in his long sentence
by Movie Girl September 14, 2009
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When the nerdy/wierd new student comes and your nice to them just to welcome them, and then they're so suddenly convinced that your their friend.
Richard: Hey man you know that new guy.
Humphrey: Yeah... You're his friend rite?
Richard: No, I was just tryin' to be nice! Every single time I try, that I get Geekundated.
by Movie Girl October 23, 2009
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When a bunch of people are talking, then all of a sudden the conversation stops , and the people start staring around, twisting, or eating thier hair.
Candy: So was like, you can't take my Lanvin clutch,

and she just tottaly took it.
Kylie: (Utter disbelief) She did??
Candy: Yeah, so I'm suing.
(Convo comes to a stop)
(5 minutes later)
Kylie: I love cheese......
(that's a hills moment)
by Movie girl May 24, 2010
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Someone who LIVES off knock offs of famous designers, and yet go around boasting that they're filthy rich 'cuz they wear "designer" clothes. (You gotta have a good eye to spot these "cows" out)
(Olivia walks into school showing off her fake knock off Prada bag)
Teresa- She thinks she got everyone fooled.
Haylie- Bitch.
Teresa- The dumbass, is a knock-off cow.
Haylie- Yeah, everything she's worn this year is fake.
Teresa- Yup her hair is a knock off of paris Hilton's extention line.
Haylie- (gasp) Damn Knock-off cow!
by Movie girl February 03, 2010
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A word some stupid smartass may use while trying to look smart in language class or latin class. (and since there is no actual definition for this word, the smartass ends up looking dum in fron of the whole class)
Mrs. Bichh- Can't you stupid kids find any synonyms for piracy!!!!!
Chandler- Yes, Goranandumminninibus.
Mrs. Bichh- WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?????
Chandler- I have no Idea...
Mrs. Bichh- Get.out.of.my.CLAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!
by Movie Girl September 15, 2009
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