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A stupid tv show that gets rep just because peeps wanna see Simon Cowell be mean to the people that are trying to become an American Idol. The people just try out for because they work in barber shop and have sucky lives. Well poor you i guess you shoulda went to colege. And a niger called Randey one of the juges acts like a complete idiot when he trys to be cool when he says "Dog". Man can you say anything else. Will it ever stop American thats my concern. But i hope it will. Paula sometimes kiss's Simon and its so gay she trys to act all cool when she does it.
"it sucks llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
by Mouse April 12, 2005
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synonmous with pathetic: remember, if you're not pathetic, you probably aren't cute either. if you're cute, well, but happy that you're cute.
girl(talking about guy2):Aww.. he's so cute!
guy1: I wish I were cute, but you know, I've got a spine.
guy2: ^_______________^
by mouse May 15, 2005
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1. A combination of "sweet" and "cool" used to describe something that is both.

2. A combination of "sweet" and "woot", usually to refer to a positive experience.
Dude, that pizza was totally swoot!


It's totally swoot when girls pee their pants! (Referring to an infamous incident known only to the author and related persons)
by Mouse February 18, 2003
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Renaissance re-enactors, those ever so slightly creepy people that belong to groups like “Society for Creative Anachronism”. Folks who dress in period attire, run around the woods, and think that they are really Robin Hood.
"Where is Amy?"
"She ran of with a group of kids weilding battle axes and dressed like they are in the dark ages"
"She is sooo ren"
by Mouse January 07, 2005
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