5 definitions by Mottian

(n.) The ability to convince someone with elegance and grace instead of traditional persuasion.
He could not resist the queen's velvet tongue as she beckoned him to murder the king.
by Mottian January 29, 2019
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(n.) A smart and witful creature that resides in the holes of walls. It wishes to be left alone at times and cannot be harmed by insults. This creature will not attack unless provoked by some form of attack on it's mental well-being. If you are to come across one, just be kind to everything you see around you. Over time it will come to you and stick by your side. They do not often become hostile towards humans, and can be easily tamed by them. Currently only a few Biberts have been found, and only one is being studied. The others just watch and wait for their turn, which humans believe they are wanting. Don't ask anyone about them, because not many will actually know. They are also very secretive, so getting information from them is not easy. You have to speak their language to actually get what they are saying, but you'll figure it out.
Don't pet that Bibert, it could snap your neck if you do that!
by Mottian January 20, 2018
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(adj.) The feeling of being trapped by your own words, especially when they are incriminating.
Jess has said so many phrases about how he couldn't have done it to make the police believe he is experiencing lizenth.
She started lizenthing when she tried to describe an obscure event from her story.
by Mottian May 18, 2019
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(V.) Having an extreme love toward birds and other avians.
She is an ornithologist, so she must have avibel.
by Mottian May 19, 2019
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The feeling of being pretty or beautiful underneath a negative armor.
She felt suride in the midst of every anxiety trip that day.
He was suride in this saddest moment.
by Mottian September 2, 2018
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