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The single most effective way of protection against STDs. Reportedly 99.99% effective.
Remember Jesus.
Abstinence is the best form of protection against Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
by Moonflash September 19, 2005

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The so-called "Bozone layer" is a thick, impenetrable shroud of bozone that surrounds all intelectually challenged people. When an bozone layer appears, it is hard to get rid of, and on the contrary it grows, blocking out all intelligent thoughts from reaching the victim. Though many tests have been performed, we have yet to discover a substance which creates bozone holes.
-Gee, he has a thick bozone layer!
-I wasn't talking to you.
by Moonflash March 23, 2005

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One who is being kicked.
I can kick *much* harder than her. Especially if the kickee is you.
by Moonflash July 03, 2006

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Pronounced s-BOOT-lay. A superior spelling of the word 'subtle', used only by people who are incredibly cool. It is more subtle than subtle, but more creamy and thick as well, sort of like the ultimate linguistic version of a triple choc fudge cookie covered in dark chocolate sauce.
This is the most sbutle movie I have ever seen!
by Moonflash April 04, 2006

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