6 definitions by Mookie

A term used in the Bay Area, California. Big glasses, usually really cheap found at the flea market. A must wear when it's time to get HYPHY.
I might rock stunnas without the lenses
by Mookie March 6, 2005
(a) A private university located in Hempstead, NY.It is located on Long Island and filled with DRAMA.

(b) It is very easy to get booty in Hofstra because girls are easy.
"I went to Hofstra and hooked up with a guy who lied about having a girlfriend. so much drama!"
by Mookie February 1, 2005
Marked by or having a disposition to talk
Holy, moly. Rosie Yapp talks a lot.
by Mookie April 25, 2005
originated in the Bay Area. A term for cheap ass chinese slippers that can be bought at the beauty supply store.
"That hoe had on some ripper slippers."
by Mookie March 2, 2005
To put your balls on another's face; to teabag someone.
Fred: "So did you slap her with the nuts?"
Bob: "Yeah, I put $5 on it."
by Mookie January 14, 2005