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A careful symmetry which needs to be maintained on dance floors between the number of males and females. Too many of either sex results in an off-balance, less enjoyable dancing experience.
Make sure you know before you go the dance flo Bro-Ho ratio.
by MontgomeryQ March 25, 2009

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Very similar to a Dirty Sanchez, but more delicious. After coitus employing a banana-flavored condom, the penis is swiped across the woman's upper-lip, leaving a fragrant trail of banana semen.
The Banana Sanchez was the perfect ending to Laura and Eric's first date.
by MontgomeryQ March 25, 2009

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When the owner of the house you're staying at sits down and reads from a list of house rules which are controlling and somewhat odd. Origin: HBO's Flight of the Conchords last episode.
She was definitely Pulling a Mel when she put up the Visiting Hours sign on my door.
by MontgomeryQ March 25, 2009

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Dried plug of semen blocking proper urethral flow. Usually created if a man doesn't urinate after sex. Extremely painful, but temporary.
"I thought I had kidney stones for a sec there...turns out it was just a cum cork."


"That cum cork came flying out and landed on Jack's toothbrush."
by MontgomeryQ July 28, 2008

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A sex act/prank where the male is entering from behind in front of a window and surreptitiously swaps places with another male, dresses and exits the house quietly. He then walks by the window casually and looks in the window to see the coupling. He shouts "Barney!" in a Fred Flintstone voice.
"The honeymoon was very romantic except for when Hank pulled a Flintstone Houdini on me. "
by MontgomeryQ September 30, 2009

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