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A creature that is able to combat the evil generated through the hideous spawn known only as "The Beast." Only when the Osprey come together and give their call with striking unity will peace be brought to the world and freedom be brought to Michael Cranford.

See also: reee
And so it was said that in grave and dire times, the Osprey would emerge together and call out to battle and destroy The Beast that plagued the world and ripped freedom away from our whipped friend.
by Monkey-University of Maryland November 13, 2004
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A disgusting whore of a woman who is able to steal the independence of men and drink the goblet of their souls.

Also see: bitch
We all gathered in a circle at dawn and prayed for Cranford's salvation, thus departing after the moment of silence with the call, 'Reeeee!"
by Monkey-University of Maryland November 11, 2004
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A call made by all faithful osprey in the events of bonding together through the perpetual efforts to vanquish the beast.
Thus the time will soon draw near when all osprey call out, "REEE!" and the beast shall be destroyed. Only in this time will happiness again be found.
by Monkey-University of Maryland November 12, 2004
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