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A term used by the homeless communities across British Columbia to describe a an absolute asshole/ moron.
Beat it goof! I feel dumber just talking to you!
by Mohawk Kris December 16, 2021
Slang term used in jails and prisons in Canada to signify a pedophile
Joey got his head bashed in. I guess he shouldn't have diddled that kid. The fukn goof!
by Mohawk Kris December 16, 2021
West coast of North America slang for intravenous injection of narcotics.
Man, that smash of side really took my breath away!
by Mohawk Kris December 16, 2021
A slang term to describe a syringe full of narcotics, for IV injection
I gotta hit my vein so I can get my fix
by Mohawk Kris December 16, 2021
A concoction, typically injected, of crystal methamphetamine, and fentanyl/carfentanyl
I can't believe he died. I didn't even know he was smashing goof balls
by Mohawk Kris December 16, 2021
The act of injecting illicit drugs intravenously.
Smashing really is the safest method of administration for using drugs.
by Mohawk Kris December 16, 2021
A powerful stimulant drug that attacks the nervous system and the dopamine system in the brain. Street names include but not limited to: Tina, Crystal, Meth,

Crystal meth, Shabu, Side, crank, gack, jib, ice, and glass. It is a very dangerous drug stay away.
Guy 1: - What are you doing
Guy 2: - Smoking a drug called

crystal methamphetamine
by Mohawk Kris February 26, 2022