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A 26-year-old internet celebrity and phonomonon through the popular video hosting website, YouTube. He is most well known for his original song, Chocolate Rain, about the suffering of African Americans and racism in today's society. Most of the time, people are unable to grasp the meaning of the song because they are too busy taking note of the fact that his deep voice doesn't match his young looking face. Tay Zonday has had no formal voice or piano lessons, but is able to sing and read music. All of his songs are originals,collaborations, or remakes. He has yet to be sighed to a recording company or make an album. Tay Zonday allows fans to download his music for free. Tay Zonday is just his cover name. His real name is unknown.
"Tay Zonday is like the off spring of Michel Jackson and Louis Armstrong!"

"So I guess that means you didn't catch the meaning of the song at all?"
by Moegi Da Drummer March 29, 2009

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1. Short for raccoon ; a type of rodent.

2. A rude, racist, and considered an untasteful word used to describe a person of African decent(black person).
1. Get your guns! It's coon hunting season!

2. Damn those coons and all their God forsaken rap music.
by Moegi Da Drummer March 29, 2009

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