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Used by rednecks everywhere after the release of the Blue Collar Commedy Tour. Upon seeing this video, rednecks weren't really sure what the phrase meant, but learned that by using it, one could get laughter and applause from other members of the same species. Rednecks also use this phrase as an escape from intelligent conversation. It is doubful that anyone who has used this phrase has actually gotten her done.
"Bye y'all! See ya at the circle track tomorrow night!"
"Get er done!"
"Yessir! (insert laughter)"

"Larry I'm going to go live at my mom's and I'm taking the kids with me."
"Get er done!"

"What is the square root of 3,694,721?"
"Get er done?"
by Miza March 16, 2006

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A state of stupor, bordering on complete exhaustion, brought upon as a direct result of intense bro-like activities, such as binge-drinking, though not necessarily characterized by a hangover
"After three days of partying on Phuket, I just sat on the beach the next day totally bromatose."

"I'm not going to make it out tonight, I'm still bromatose from last night."
by MiZa June 10, 2013

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The suffix that people add to nouns to make it into an adjective emphasizing the extreme greatness of that object's existence. Usually used by people who have limited creativity and/or vocabulary. Popularized by Stacey "Fergie" Keibler.
a.) "That store is sale-a-licious."

b.) "Man, his new Beamer was completely car-a-licious, yo."

c.) "My new gf Cindy is completely babe-a-licious." "Dude, no one says babealicious anymore." "Well, let's just say she's completely Sin-delicious."
by Miza March 27, 2007

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1.) Being sexual without actually having sex.
2.) Foreplay without the sex afterwards.
"We didn't actually have sex but I still felt all lightheaded and happy afterwards. That was the best nonsex I have ever had!"
by Miza March 16, 2006

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