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Indigenous people of New Zealand
"Are Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the English version (The Treaty of Waitangi) the same?"- No. Te Tiriti o Waitangi confirms Maori authority and sovereignty, while the English version states that Maori gave their sovereignty to the Queen - this is a total contradiction. Oh and you may be interested to know that it is the only Treaty in the world that is not written in the countries native tongue first and then translated into English. The Maori language version is still not recognised by our government today.
To all those people who have made flippant comments about the Treaty without bothering to do your research, I suggest you pull your heads out of your backside and then attempt an educated debate. Spell check is a great tool as well. I am a Pakeha, but feel ashamed and sick to the stomach to be one when I read what has been written on this site.
by MissSickToDeath May 22, 2012

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