This is used as a term specifically for NZ European people, in the Maori language it means "foreigner", so could be used for any Non-Maori person.
Pakeha doesn't mean "White Pig". It means foreigner in Maori.
by ChangingtheWays May 28, 2011
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The British that colanized new Zealand, and now are racist towards the natives.
"You're hori"

And you're a pakeha
by August 3, 2021
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A tribe of Maori and honorary Moari people that live in New Zealand, whom are governed by The Maori Jesus, his 4 wives and The Ice Queen.
Holy crap its the Ngati Pakeha
by the ice queen March 4, 2005
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Mostly murderers and rapists.
They like to rape and strangle Swedish tourists.
Pay to have sex with under-age boys and girls.
They work during the day, and go home to fuck their daughters who is kept under the house with her 12 children which have never seen daylight.
They drink in pubs and drive home drunk, some will hit children off their bikes while driving over bridges and not informing police.
Pakeha male is a wolf in sheeps clothing.
Never leave them alone with your children
by toptip1 November 9, 2009
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