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Verb or Noun: Small sound that is emitted through the nose and mouth, usually a compressed laugh or snort. Often accompanied with a small grin, smirk, or sneer. Usually a tone of either derision, (as when someone says something you find stupid) or innocent humor. (When someone tells you a funny joke and you are busy doing something else, so a full-fledged laugh is difficult.)Nice to use behind other's backs, as when they do something inanely stupid and you can't help but laugh about it, but don't want to fall over laughing.
Holding my lunchtray in one hand and balancing my fork, I snerked as Caroline delivered the punchline of the dead baby joke.

When the girl in front of me pointed at the Mustang and said, "Oh, I like that Camaro.", I had to snerk discreetly.
by Miss Necrosis M. Atrophy May 07, 2006

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1. (N) A way of pronouncing the chatspeak term "omg" outloud, without spelling it phonetically. (As in, "Oh-Em-Gee!!") Used in casual conversation, especially if the circumstances aren't really surprising.

Since the term and chatspeak omg denote real, true surprise, "Awmg" usually denotes a lack of real surprise or sarcasm.

Originally used in the flash animation from newgrounds called "Lnkn Prk Kem 2 mah Hse 1 dai"
First person: "You know I bought a PSP yesterday, right?"
Second person. (flatly) "Wow, awmg."
by Miss Necrosis M. Atrophy May 07, 2006

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Verb. Meaning the act of well-lubricated anal sex or a well-lubricated handjob. The polar opposite of dryjack or dryfuck. In terms of anal, usually pertaining to fast, frenzied, and incredibly pleasurable. Never used in the singular.
1. It didn't take long for Matt to reach an incredible, trembling climax while he was furiously astrogliding his lover.
2. Nobody was interested in the fact that Jack was astrogliding to the sound of Angela's voice.
by Miss Necrosis M. Atrophy May 07, 2006

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1.(adj)An adjective or adverb form of prep, used to describe someone who is preppy or a prep. Derived from fantastic, spastic and prep. Mostly used in circumstances when one changes from something at the opposite end of the social spectrum, perhaps goth or nerd has a total changeover. Can be used as a noun on occaision.
"I can't believe he started wearing Aero stuff! He really went preptastic!"
"These brown flipflops are kind of preptastic, but I love them anyway!"
by Miss Necrosis M. Atrophy May 07, 2006

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