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An Erister egg is a plastic egg into which something unexpected, particularly an odd or surprising message, is placed. It is then hidden to be found much as Easter eggs. But in an Erister Egg Hunt, or EggGASM, the egg finders usually don't know they're participating. They think they're finding normal Easter eggs.

The concept was first proposed to Discordians online by Pinky McFatfat of Dublin 11 days before Easter in 2008. Professor Cramulus named it EggGASM, and the Mythics of Harmonia (Princess Unicornia, Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko, Nurse Eggscream and others) named it Erister Egg Hunt. ("Erister" is a combination of "Easter" and the Goddess Discordia or "Eris").

Items that were hidden in plastic eggs that first year included odd quotes, one line meme bombs, a small doll's arm, a pair of black thong panties, a condom, and even a genuine Purple Heart medal. Messages were often included in an egg with a small toy.

Erister Egg Hunt/EggGASM is a part of Operation Mindfuck. Getting others involved is a part of OMGASM.
You're putting a candy penis in an Erister Egg? Sweet. Where's your EggGASM going to be?

We're setting up our Erister Egg Hunt two days before Easter at Spring Break Park.

The park by the school? Dude, don't hide something like that where kids can find it! Hide stuff like that at a college.

We already did the college. They got miniature pictures of Miley Ray Cyrus.
by Miley Spears March 24, 2009
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An American comedy short about sex and yoga. Actress/dancer Alexandra Fulton starred in her directorial debut film which runs about 5 minutes and 37 seconds. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France at the Short Film Corner on May 21th, 2008.

Fulton plays Daisy, a skeptical woman who slides into a colorful erotic fantasy about her handsome yoga teacher David, played by Adam Pena.

The name blends "Om," the most sacred symbol in the Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Discordian religions, with the word "orgasm." It's also a reference to tantric sex.
by Miley Spears January 20, 2009
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Singer-actress originally named Destiny Hope Cyrus, in 2008 she changed her legal name to Miley Ray Cyrus. Better known as Miley Cyrus, she became the most famous teenager in America in Disney's Hannah Montana. There she plays Miley Stewart, mild-mannered teen girl, who puts on a blonde wig and transforms into singing superstar Hannah Montana.

But her true transformaton was from Disney Princess into Discordian American Princess after she posed: half naked in a sheet, with her Daddy Billy Ray Cyrus touching her inner thigh, and with a dozen holes in her pants.

Thus she has joined the ranks of other Disney Princesses turned Discordian American Princesses such as Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Jamie Lynn Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Zoey Zane.

She supposedly posed in bra and panties and naked with other girls in a bathtub. But those are probably shots of her evil twin, Minnie Rae Cyrus.
OMG! Did I just see Miley Ray Cyrus? I'm so excited I'm having an OMGasm!
by Miley Spears January 24, 2009
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Getting excited from sneaking Discordian, eccentric, alternative, controversial, pornographic or illegal books or tracts into places they would never be found. Also the act of introducing such books. Books may be brought in or donated, often hidden with other books to hide their true nature.

Popular places to place books and tracts are public libraries, jails, prisons, houses of worship, church pews, motels, hotels, book stores, public restrooms, park benches, or almost anywhere in China, Iran or Iraq.

Bookgasm was begun by the Eccentric Discordians as part of Black Iron Prison's Operation Mindfuck: Golden Apple Seed Mission or OMGASM.
I just snuck The Autobiography of Minnie Rae into the jail in Mad Dog, Texas, and OMG! I'm having a bookgasm!
by Miley Spears January 20, 2009
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Shared masturbation, but not the same as mutual masturbation as you only masturbate yourself.

"Sharies is when you and a friend each take care of yourself but not each other. Usually you do it when you're sitting together and holding hands. Group sharies is when you do it with a group while you're sitting in a circle. But you can't do sharies if you're holding hands with two people! lol"
I love doing sharies with my best bud Lorien. She totally squeezes my hand when she cums! Sweet!
by Miley Spears January 20, 2009
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A preteen girl or teen girl who is sexually knowledgeable, promiscuous or dresses sexily. Also a preteen prostitute or teenage whore. Similar to a lolita, but not just directed to older men.

The term comes from Minnie Rae, also known as Mary Simpson, a preteen harlot or soiled dove of 19th century San Francisco. She was declared "The Little Countess" by Emperor Norton I, who claimed to be "Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico." Minna Street in San Francisco was named after her, and "The Autobiography of Minnie Rae" appeared after her death. A photo of the girl, who was declared a Discordian American Princess and a Discordian saint, appears in the book "Victorian Children."

Minnie Rae became pregnant at age 10, and left America with a Mr. Simpson. She took a ship to Great Britain, where she claimed to be a relative of Queen Victoria. There she met fellow preteen James Barrie. They play acted, with Minnie Rae sometimes playing James' mother and sometimes his wife. J. M. Barrie grew up to write "Peter Pan and Wendy," with Wendy modeled after Minnie Rae.

Minnie Rae/Wendy of Neverland also appears with Alice of Wonderland and Dorothy of Oz in "Lost Girls," a porno-graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Melinda Gebbie.
Did you see Adam's little sister at the mall? I swear that girl's acting like a Minnie Rae!

She's hiding an Easter egg where? That girl is such a Minnie Rae!
by Miley Spears May 27, 2010
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