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The act of making out with a girl who is having sex with someone else on the regular, so by the transitive property, you have tasted his dick
Jon: "Mike did you make out with your ex-girlfriend again?"

Mike: "Yeah, why?"

Jon: "You are secondhand dicktasting her new boyfriend, how do you feel about that?"
by Mike The LCB April 04, 2011
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A lesbian. Similar to the term ass bandit for homosexuals.
Tom: "Do you know that girl?"

Mary: "Yeah, she's mad cool...and a lesbian"

Tom: "She's a poon bandit?"

Mary: "Yeah man, she loves poon"
by Mike the LCB November 29, 2011
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Judgement Free Zone
In honesty, I am a belieber. I only say this in the JFZ, otherwise you guys would troll me bad.
by Mike the LCB May 25, 2011
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The metaphorical container that holds all the liberties in a friendship. Occasionally needs refilling to keep the friendship in a proper give-take equilibrium. Can be refilled by one friend giving the other friend food, alcohol, sexual favors, money, rides, or even filling their actual gas tank.
Molly: "Mike, can you drive me around to do some errands today?"

Mike: "It's been a while since you filled up the friendship gas tank..."

Molly: "What if I buy you Taco Bell?"

Mike: "Deal"
by Mike the LCB March 20, 2012
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Judgemental Mother Fucker
That girl is such a JMF, coming into our house and constantly complaining that our place isn't how she wants it.
by Mike the LCB May 25, 2011
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