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1. Someone who gets overly excited about something.

2. A youngster.

3. After performing oral sex on a woman.
Calm down wet mouth.

Go wash out your wet mouth.
by Mike the G December 22, 2005
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Refers to the lesser known black Jesus or NegroChrist. He was just like Jesus only funkier, had an afro, and smoked weed.
And so it was that God gave his funk to this world so that we may get down, get down...in Blesus' name we pray. Ya man.
by Mike the G December 23, 2005
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1. The subtle science of prison walletage.

2. To be well versed in pocket holding in the socially ranked arbitrary hierarchy usually reserved to the incarcerated populations.

3. The fine art of decorative embroidery of one's pocket.
EX 1:
Rico had been expanding his capacity over the past 2 years. Pocketry helped him become the main supplier of the yard.

EX 2:
Prison bitches often practice pocketry as a survival mechanism.

EX 3:
Sally tailored Joker's pocket to Sleepy's liking. It featured a tasteful depiction of the Virgin Mary accompanied by Olde English lettering.
by Mike the G June 27, 2009
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To fart out of one's penis.
My girlfriend sneezed while giving me a BJ and I let out a huge murtle.
by Mike the G December 22, 2005
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