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English slang for penis. Also known as Bacon torpedo, meat wand, Flesh staff etc.
Hey baby, why dont you and I lounge around and play with my Sausage Torpedo.
by Mike Bruce October 03, 2005
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A condition which sets in after a prolonged session of personal masturbation and falling asleep afterwards. The knuckles of the hand are glued into position from the secreted bodily fluid and is nearly impossible to reverse.
As Jim lay in his favorite recliner, he was awakened by his mothers entrance into his room and was caught with crusty knuckles.
by Mike Bruce October 03, 2005
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The overall resemblance of a males testicular sack to that of an ape or monkeys face. Also known as Curios George syndrome. Usually inflicted by a chance act or being smoated by God himself.
Sandra-Cripes Marty you realize you got sigmunds chin?
Marty- Shut up bitch I didnt tell you to talk!
by Mike Bruce October 04, 2005
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1. A form of oral sex in which edible oils are added to enhance sexual heightness for both parties.
2. A demeaning insult intended to question another persons manhood.
3. A sexual disease first seen in the bush near guinea. Symptons usually include: Brittle Dick Syndrome (see brittle dick disease).
"Hey gingerdick! Dont you have any sweater to knit?"

"My friends got it real bad, hes got them gingerdick disease."

"Im dying of gingerdick. My laps real sore!"
by Mike Bruce May 01, 2007
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A general term used to identify both a bodily function that burns and a homosexual act. Used mainly on US Naval Vessels.
Man alive I have some kind of dick torch going on tonight it burns like a son of a bitch.

That guy is such a dick torch, he reminds me of Regis Philbin.
by Mike Bruce October 03, 2005
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To have feet in such bad shape to resemble being nailed to a cross. Usually followed by bloody trails pertruding from open sores in the foot area.
Ken are you ok man? You got a nasty case of Jesus feet there. No dont jump in my pool ok.
by Mike Bruce October 03, 2005
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