102 definition by Mike hunt

Derogative slang for a native American.
Did you see all those yuts when were were at the casino? Of course the place was full of yuts, we were on a reservation dumbass.
by Mike Hunt March 04, 2004

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small town were it smells like shit. All u can do is get laid and smoke weed. Mostly consumed of mexicans.This is a ghetto place
Delhi is so small. Big as Denair. Screw Delhi.
by Mike Hunt October 09, 2004

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myspace is an amazing website where ANYONE can find sombody to talk to also 75% of the girls on there are whores
myspace.com rocks
by mike hunt February 16, 2005

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the process of being shot in the eye with a male orgasm
sarah gollub's eye hurts due to the fact that i brutally optical fertilized her
by mike hunt December 01, 2003

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