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A chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by habitually smoking the locoweed (marijuana). Marked by large gaps in memory, erosion of reasoning, and dangerous cracks in thought processes. Caution: Pot-Holes may cause paranoia as well.
That guy can't ever remember jack. He has pot-holes in his brain from smoking too much of the weed.
by Michael C. Anglin October 12, 2007

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The act of talking or obsessing about ex-girlfriends/boyfriends or ex-spouse. This phenomenon typically happens when the person talking has had a recent breakup and is looking for sympathy or answers. Also a great way to end a date.
Wow, the date was going really good until she started opening up the ex-files.
by Michael C. Anglin January 09, 2008

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A sensation that a cell phone is vibrating when it isn't. Experienced by someone who is used to carrying around a cell phone in a pocket or close the their body. This phenomenon can occur even if the person doesn't have the cell phone. Similar to phantom limb syndrome.
Whoa, I could have sworn my cellie was vibrating. But when I went to get it out of my pocket, it wasn't even there. I guess I just had a phantom cell experience.
by Michael C. Anglin January 09, 2008

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a method of rapid typing and communicating by means of abbreviations and symbols, used esp. for SMS messaging/texting.
txt-hand sample:
SUP QT? RU doin NEthng 2nite? FYI, EVRY1 goin 2 D PRT. CUL8R.

txt-hand translation:
What's up cutie? Are you doing anything tonight? For your information, everyone is going to the party. See you later.
by Michael C. Anglin September 21, 2007

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