4 definitions by MicTheLawl

The stupidest person in the world to give birth
If you think pregnant teens are bad parents, look at justin beiber's mom!
by MicTheLawl June 11, 2014
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Mcweed is a pothead maniac who hits on girls who are always younger than him. He thinks he is tough but he get electrocuted a lot. He is dumb.
Girl: Whos that?
Me: Oh, thats mr. MCWEED.
Girl: Mcweed?
Me: He wouldnt like you unless you were younger.
by MicTheLawl September 6, 2014
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Something idiots say when they have no good comeback
When asked who his favorite porn star was, he said 'Your Mom'
by MicTheLawl June 11, 2014
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