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A term used in New England, especially by people from Rhode Island and Massachusetts, to describe what most other folks call a water fountain. To the New Englander, the term water fountain tends to remind them of a regular, show-offy fountain.
NEer: 'Scuse me, wheah's the bubblah?
Non-NEer: The what?
NEer: The bubblah.
Non-NEer: I beg your pardon?
NEer: Ya know, the thing ya can get a drink from.
Non-NEer: *chuckling* You mean the water fountain?
NEer: Watuh fountain? Ya mean this dump has a watuh fountain?!
Non-NEer: I beg your pardon?
by Metaru November 13, 2005
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If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do. Extention of IYKWIM.
Yeah, I've seen that kid around before, and he's not exactly the sharpest fork in the silverware drawer, IYKWIMAITYD.
by Metaru November 13, 2005
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B: What?
A: Sorry, inside joke. NWIH you would've gotten it.
B: ...What?
by Metaru November 27, 2005
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