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Porn for rich people. An industry magazine where the bourgeoisie elite compare gross figures and share ideas on how to further oppress the proletariat. Often used as a cutting board for cocaine, or rolled up and used to beat the Hispanic maid when she breaks something expensive.
Herbert: "Consuela, did you break my $18,000 crystal statue for Most Racist Employer of 2009?"
Consuela: "Si, senor, lo siento, I --"
Consuela: "Ay, no!"

Nathan: (reading Forbes Magazine) "I can't wait to use these new marketing techniques to persuade the working class to give me all their money!"
*lays magazine out on table and proceeds to make lines of cocaine with a black American Express card*
by Merriam Chubster December 05, 2013

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Being chodish; acting like a complete chode. Implies a degree of incompetence and ludicrosity that is characteristic of the chode, the whole chode, and nothing but the chode.
Bro: Dude, I fucking hate going out with John, don't invite him to the bar. I'm not putting up with his chodery tonight.

Dude: That's true, bro. John is so chodish.

Bro: What a chode.
by Merriam Chubster September 16, 2013

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To drop a stinky deuce while listening to Green Day's 1994 major label debut, Dookie. After finishing their dookie time, one should listen to Green Day's 1992 album, Kerplunk, as that is the sound that dookies make when they hit the toilet water.
Bro: "Yo dude, I gotta drop a brown trout, but I don't want to stop listening to Green Day."
Dude: "Bro, me too, let's just do both at the same time."
Bro: "Holy shit, dude, it's dookie time!"
(Bro and Dude proceed to drop trou at side-by-side toilets and listen to "Basket Case").

John: "Ow... ow... oh fuck, this burns... ah... AHHHHHH!"
(poop comes out, hits the water)
John: Damn, that smells... ooh, Longview, I love this song!"
by Merriam Chubster February 27, 2013

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The stage of erection commonly referred to as "half-chub" or "mid-chub", wherein the penis of the male is at an average state of arousal. Not capable of sexual intercourse, but appropriate for a handjob or a mediocre blowjob.
Girl: wow babe why are you not hard?
Bro: chill girl I got a chubby wubby now put it in your mouth.
by Merriam Chubster July 09, 2012

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A country club for people who live by the beach. Known for hosting rich, elitist, and predominantly white patrons who look down on non-member guests.
Chad Chaddington: "Hey Zach, let's go to the beach club!"

Zachary P. Chadworth: "Indubitably. Jason, would you care to join us?"

Jason: "Fuck you guys, they judge me hard every time I go in there. Enjoy your Earl Grey tea."
by Merriam Chubster October 23, 2013

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