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A heriod is the reason for a man getting cranky and short-tempered regularly basis. The male version of a period.
Rembrandt: Wow, Dali is really cranky these days.'
Van Gogh: 'Totally, dude, I think he's on his heriod.'
by Menhir April 08, 2011
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A trashy girl who hang around expensive hotel bars in Malaysia looking to catch the attention of sleazy businessmen who often have the honorary title Dato'.
Guy 1: 'I got shot down by that girl last night at Skybar.'
Guy 2: 'No wonder, that was Farah, she is a complete Dato'-fucker.
by Menhir June 21, 2010
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1. Verb - to clorf - to mess up, to fuck up. To be clorfed - to be mad, insane, or drunk.
2. Noun - clorf - something fantastic, awesome.
3. Action - High clorf - Any sort of modified high five.
1. Dude, you are completely clorfed.
2. Guillaume clorfed hard at the bar last night.
3. Sky-diving is totlly clorf.
4. I totally scored with that hot girl last night. High Clorf!
by Menhir January 23, 2009
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The Chinese translation of the 'chav' sub-species in Britain. Usually found congregating around the North Fourth Ring Road of Beijing, the 'xinxin' can often be found answering to such English names as Tracy, or Great Wall Wine, mirroring the fondness among chavs for being named after alcoholic beverages (ex: Chardonnay).
'Dude, that girl is totally a Xinxin.'

'Don't go to Huaxia Jia Yuan in Beijing. Only xinxins live there.'
by Menhir June 12, 2008
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