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Maggot 1: I'm going to a concert in Des Moines tonight.
Maggot 2: Who is it?
Maggot 1: CMFT
Maggot 2: Who's CMFT? Is that one of those new wave bands i've been hearing about?
by MemeSenYT April 5, 2020
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also known as Kurdt Kobain, Curtis Cobain, Curt Cobain, and Mr. poupon; Kurt Cobain was an amazing musician who wrote amazing songs like “Sappy”, “Polly”, and “Something In The Way” and inspired many musicians. Though he died in 1994 because of unknown reasons (COURTNEY LOVE), his music and legacy will live on forever.
Kurt Cobain is sick, bruh.
by MemeSenYT July 11, 2019
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example of Buggery Night (every night):
Every night is buggery night.
Gay Sex Orgy.
by MemeSenYT January 3, 2020
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that song they sing at soccer games and other sportball activities.
did you hear the crowd sing seven nation army at the fütbol game last night?
by MemeSenYT October 14, 2018
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