3 definitions by Mehow Mehow

When you have a small little poop that won’t fall off of your butt and you decide to wipe it just to make the shit go all over the surroundings of your butt hole
Hey Carlos, guess what! I just had a hang shit in the bathroom
by Mehow Mehow December 15, 2019
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A word you call someone when they do something you think was stupid or you call them a blongus because you don’t like them
Ughh Wyatt is such a blongus
by Mehow Mehow August 19, 2019
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Wyatt is a person who’s parents are divorced and his mom is rich so he brags about him being rich and him going to a better school than everyone else. He is also a blongus
Ughhhhh Wyatt keeps bragging about his wealth, he’s such a blongus
by Mehow Mehow August 21, 2019
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