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A man who does not hold his weight up during missionary sex. His weight is all on the woman and she has a very hard time breathing.
That smother fucker just about killed me last night!

I won't be dating anymore smother fuckers...I may not survive the next one!
by Meg Kelso October 04, 2006

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A co-porker is a female who enjoys sleeping with married men at work. They can hardly be called a co-worker as that would imply that work is being accomplished. Rather, they spend their time porking. Co-porkers are usually trashy and have herpes.
"My husband treats his office like most men treat a pick-up bar. He always seems to find the office co-porker within two weeks of beginning a new job."

"Colleen is the office co-porker, go ahead and take a shot at her, the rest of us already have."
by Meg Kelso October 05, 2006

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Used as a verb, Antagoblog is something that one does. He or she who antagoblogs creates and maintains a blog and does so in order to annoy, pester or otherwise irritate another person. There may or may not be any creativity at work during antagoblogging, quality is not a factor. The main features of antagoblogging are that it is specifically redundant in focus and predominantly derogatory in nature.

Used as a noun, it is the blog created by antagoblogging.

I created this word after my divorce.

Damn, Meg hasn't stopped antagoblogging about Rick since the divorce!

Did you read that antagoblog Meg wrote about Rick? WHEW! It is NASTY!
by Meg Kelso August 20, 2006

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A McMoron is a person who works in a box and hears you say, "I'll have two Big Macs, an order of fries and a vanilla shake." Yet, they hand you a bag containing a Filet of Fish, an apple pie and a sweet tea.
That McMoron screwed up my order AGAIN!
by Meg Kelso August 07, 2007

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A cyber-whipped man is one who is overly solicitous to a "woman" who may or may not exist. These men will even modify their own behavior for a "person" that they know only through emails. The men will do many things for the cyber-whipper, anything from stroking an ego to sending cash.
John is just the lastest in a long line of cyber-whipped guys that she leaves in her wake. She'll use him for a while and then dump him like she usually does.
by Meg Kelso September 17, 2007

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