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up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, B, A, Start
Hurry and put in the code before the menu comes up so we can have infinite lives
by Meezy May 13, 2005

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The noise given by a female after being propositioned by a male to put it in her ass sounding very similar to a dolphin.
Bob: <rubs dick on female's asshole as an offer>
Jane: anh-nh
by Meezy August 02, 2005

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Soaking one's balls in ice water, drying briefly, coating the balls in the chocolate syrup that hardens on ice-cream, and then tea-bagging someone. (also see Choco-taco)
Jane wanted sex and candy for our anniversary so I gave her a Wonka Dip.
by Meezy June 27, 2005

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A song purposely played when arriving to a location where people will hear what one playing for the purpose of them thinking the person cool and/or has a good system in their vehicle. Volume is usually much louder than normal and windows must be down unless the driver as planned that their passenger will get out before the behicle is turned off.
<listening to Celine Dion>
Alright dude, we're almost there and we need better entrance music than this... hand me that Snoop Dogg cd.
<windows down, volume up>
by Meezy September 26, 2006

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The immature brother of the selfie.

Instead of taking a picture of one's self, a turdie is a picture taken of the fresh pile of shit residing in the toilet immediately after taking a steamy dump. For maximum effectiveness, turdies are preferably taken before the wiping stage has been reached.

Where selfies are typically taken by females, turdies are commonly taken by males to show off the sheer mass and beauty of their excrement, while providing substantial evidence that they are, in fact, a real man. Turdies are also typically shared via more private picture-sharing services like Snapchat.
I really hate it when people post selfies online. From now on, I will respond with a turdie to show my disapproval.
by meezy December 12, 2013

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n. an article of clothing worn by young men and adolescents who are uncomfortable with their sexuality, but wear pink shirts to say they are.
"Wow. That's a large group of guys wearing pink shirts."
"Yes. They're likely on their way to bang each other because they're comfortable with their sexuality"
by Meezy December 29, 2005

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a combination of the emotions confusion and anger
"Well, the other day me and Stacy were at the mall and there were these sho-"
"I fucked your mom"
"<feeling of intense confuanger> ... what?!"
by Meezy July 31, 2005

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