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A phrase used when someone asks you to do something, and you either don't like the person, don't want to go, or both. This phrase is used very often by lazy people and liars.
Bob: Hey, you want to go to my house on friday?
Jim: Nah, I got stuff to do.
by McGravy June 27, 2009
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When someone does something so ridiculous and stupid, and they don't realize it, and you have to actually tell them how stupid you are.
"Dude, I just asked the teacher if I had sex with her if she wuld give me an A"
"WTF dude, you just pulled a Cord."
by McGravy June 10, 2009
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when you are too lazy to masterbate, you put it off till later
I was really horny, but i decided to procrastibate and didnt do anything till later
by Mcgravy March 11, 2015
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