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The Greeks are a sexy, sytlish, intelligent race (opposite of the Turks), who basically invented civilization. Greece and Cyprus are where most Greeks in the world live.

Although there are large amounts of Greeks/Cypriots in Australia and parts of South Africa as well as the UK.

Greeks have many cultural similarities to Italians, and conquered Sicily and most of Southern Italy. Greeks are loved all over the world apart from in Turkey, where they are so jealous of them.
Greeks are great so are Spaniards and Italians.
by Maverick Corleone July 14, 2006

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Somebody who has worked their way up to a high level and can be classed as senior. Someone who deserves respect as senior man/woman.

Can also refer to older members of our society.
Anthony; Go and clean up over there please
Timmy; Ok you are more senior than me
by Maverick Corleone January 20, 2007

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When you are trying to illustrate a point and would like to add further emphasis, you add M'Kay.
Drugs are bad, M'kay?
by Maverick Corleone May 28, 2006

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A comical term used to refer to semen, first brought to prominence around 2001/2002 by entertainer Avid Merrion.
Rupert; So Cornelius did you take that sexy girl home with you?
Cornelius; Why aye Rupert, she tasted my Sex wee
Rupert; Immense!
by Maverick Corleone June 29, 2006

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An affectionate term for a male with dark skin, from the greek 'mavro' meaning black.
Nicky loves a Mavros!
by Maverick Corleone April 13, 2006

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The mating call of a Mavros, usually hailing from the ghettoes of Lewisham and Woolwich respectively. This mating call is usually successfully used on single white females. Yet nobody knows why this is so.
Jermaine; Set me your Gash!
Nicky; Okay lets get in the back of my clio!
by Maverick Corleone July 25, 2006

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Somebody who does not play by the rules, in fact, somebody who has no regard for the rules whatsoever, and is somewhat of a hot-shot, cool customer and a bit of an Iceman.
Girl 1: Damn, Ant is so Cool!
Girl 2: He's such a Maverick Renegade
Girl 1: I want his babies
by Maverick Corleone May 05, 2006

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