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The only gladiator game/show that doesn't involve killing a person or fighting a wild animal like lion or tiger.

btw, watching someone getting killed is better than watching someone getting their ass kicked on American Gladiator.
watching American Gladiator ??? I'll rather get myself a copy of Gladiator movie
by MasturbAZN February 1, 2009
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a form of field day where every item from a room is removed for cleaning; when tending to last much longer than necessary, it is used as a punishment, typically for unsatisfactory performance in routine field day.
Recruit #1: Man.....One of the DI found a candy bar under someone's bed and decided to gave us a Chinese field trip.

Recruit #2: Haha, good thing I'm not in the candy bar platoon.
by MasturbAZN November 9, 2009
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Is when someone masturbating or jack-off in a warzone when theres nothing much to do beside gun-fights.
Soldier 1: "hey dude, have you ever thought about a battle jack?"
Soldier 2: "Are you mad???"
Soldier 1: "Beside, you might be the first kid on the block you know?"
by MasturbAZN February 4, 2009
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slang term for Aircraft Carrier, mostly used by Marines.
US Navy have the most bird farm of all the nations and can go anywhere anytime!
by MasturbAZN November 9, 2009
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