When you put tons of massage or baby oil onto a girls back, and then run and jump on her back. While sliding across her oiled up backside, the goal is to throw your boner down between her cheeks and try to stop yourself, similar to the way planes land on a aircraft carrier.
"After watching Top Gun last night, I broke out the baby oil and executed a perfect aircraft carrier, poor girl wont walk for a week."
by bigrobdiesel February 18, 2014
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A girl that's completely flat chested, much like the deck of an aircraft carrier.
Contrast a girl with "cruiser-sized turrets".
Nozomi: I don't care if you're an aircraft carrier, I'll still washi washi those breasts of yours if you keep spacing out!
by Yukina Minato May 4, 2018
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Unusually large feet; usually of size 13 or up for men.
Of course they don't have shoes in your size. You've got aircraft carriers at the ends of your legs.
by Colonel_Cheesemonkey October 4, 2006
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a big warship that replaced the battleship class near the end of WWII. aircraft carriers serve as mobile airbases so a country which owns one of those can perform airstrikes on targets on the other side of the world even if they dont have a airbase nearby. usually escorted by destroyers and cruisers aswell as frigates and submarines in a carrier group.
by [DATA EXPUNGED] May 29, 2019
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when a girl is sitting on the mans back, she is wearing a strap on and having anal sex with him while he is doing push ups
i gave him the best arizona aircraft carrier of his life last night
by starlizzle raindom February 18, 2011
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The act of taking a dump and believing you are done, yet mid-wipe, you realize there is one final wave. The tissue used from the first round, now floating in the middle of the bowl, resembles an aircraft carrier for which to land the straggling turd. The fresh excrement sits safely outside of the water, due to the buoyancy of the toilet paper.
I just done Landing the jet on the Aircraft Carrier. (Just took a crap on the toilet paper used from my first go-round of wiping.)
by ManfredManley October 4, 2013
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