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Well known Canadian meme maker and video editor, who gained more than 500, 000 views for one of his mafia city edits. He also owns a repost account named bicrypt
Yo are you following polarsyrup?
How can I not be my man? He’s GREAT!
by Master of chaos June 4, 2019
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A word form MMORPGs, specifically the ones where enemies drop items to sell instead of just gold.

It means someone who picks up all the items he/she possibly can, no mater how lame and low sell price they may be.
(Ragnarök Online)

Assassin Cross: hey dude why did you leave all those items laying there.

Lord Knight: Why not, they sell for almost nothing.

Assassin Cross: Yeah but it is still enough to make me want to pick it all up (picks up all the crappy items).

Lord Knight: God dammit I have an item whore in my party.
by Master of chaos July 11, 2008
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A word of the 60's and 70's used for the heavy assault on a person done by the police, usually during a political event or rally.
The vamping at that rally was brutal, they covered all the bases: clubbing, shoving, dragging, gassing, and even buckshot.
by Master of chaos August 10, 2007
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