Someone in an online game or video game that likes hoarding items for either selling those items later or to prevent other people from obtaining them.
"Wow, what's all these digging holes in your town?"

"Oh, I have burried a lot of items that I didn't have room for in my house outside."

"You're such an item whore."
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A word form MMORPGs, specifically the ones where enemies drop items to sell instead of just gold.

It means someone who picks up all the items he/she possibly can, no mater how lame and low sell price they may be.
(Ragnarök Online)

Assassin Cross: hey dude why did you leave all those items laying there.

Lord Knight: Why not, they sell for almost nothing.

Assassin Cross: Yeah but it is still enough to make me want to pick it all up (picks up all the crappy items).

Lord Knight: God dammit I have an item whore in my party.
by Master of chaos July 11, 2008
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